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Sediment Removal


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Extracting solids from sedimentation basins is a prerequisite for clean water, and traditional cleaning methods do not deliver the best results. Manual cleaning is labor-intensive, costly and the tank must be taken off-line and drained. Chain-and-flight and other mechanical methods simply lack the pumping power and reliability to clean effectively.

Permanent Sediment Removal Systems (PSRs)

Now there is a better means available to clean sedimentation basins with a Permanent Sludge Removal Systems (PSR). PSR products thoroughly remove solids from the bottom of basins using submersible pumps mounted on the headers to enhance suction capacity.

The fully automatic equipment is custom-designed for each application and can be installed in basins of various sizes, including those 330 feet in length with widths more than 33 feet. Its versatility allows it to operate in a circular sedimentation tank.

Permanent Sludge Removal Advantages:

  • Custom-engineered for your facilities needs
  • SCADA compatible and controllable
  • Highly efficient due to pump locations
  • Improved water quality from sediment tank
  • Computer programmable timing for optimal run time
  • User friendly and easily serviced
  • Quality materials and construction for long-term reliability
  • Currently in final certification process of NSF 60-61
  • Capable of removing 2" diameter solids, tested with golf balls
  • Equipment is capable of being fully serviced without de-watering or putting personnel into the basin or using divers

Permanent Sludge Removal Technology:

  • Cleans across entire width of the tank
  • Track-driven units guide the "L" rail that is fixed on the tank bottom
  • Number of pumps customized to the application's suction needs
  • Floating cable for the power supply and electrical controls
  • Suction header is available in different widths to suit each situation
  • Sludge discharge through 2", 3" or 4" diameter flexible hose