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Robotic Tank Cleaning


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If you are looking for the best water tank cleaning service in Canada then you have come to the right place.

Scantron Robotics Inc is the ultimate water tank cleaning service in Canada!

Scantron Robotics has access to the most advanced robotic tank cleaners that are available.  Our robots are able to keep the man out of the environment and provide a safe, cost-effective and low operational impact service. With thousands of tanks cleaned, we are the premier robotic tank cleaning company in North America. 

Robotic Tank Cleaning

Our dependable SR Cleaners provide a safe way to clean reservoirs and storage tanks. SR Cleaners professionally clean clear wells, concrete reservoirs and steel tanks of any size.

SR Cleaning Robots

  • The reservoir remains in service during the cleaning process, thus fire protection and distribution are not compromised.
  • SR robotic cleaning is cost-effective, saving the utility man hours
  • An improved chlorine residual power brush removes tank contaminants and sediments without particle turbidity.
  • A minimum amount of water wasted
  • The SR Cleaner is a compact robotic crawler. 24” manholes are accessible, cleans up to 1000 sq ft/hr and can handle solids up to 2” diameter
  • A real-time video recording of the process is provided with robotic cleaning service. This assures the cleaning was performed to the owner's satisfaction.
  • All SCANTRON ROBOTICS equipment is sanitized according to code and is designated for potable water only.