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Scantron Robotics Inc. is able to clean your water tank while it is in operation using advanced robotic water tank cleaning technology. Our operators have hundreds of hours of experience doing robotic potable water tank inspection and cleaning...

If you are looking for the best water tank cleaning service in Canada then you have come to the right place.

Scantron Robotics Inc is the ultimate water tank cleaning service in Canada!

Scantron Robotics has access to the most...

Using an ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle) the team at Scantron Robotics can survey and capture images and video of the tank's condition. The operation can be completed while the tank is in service so your operations are not impacted...

Extracting solids from sedimentation basins is a prerequisite for clean water, and traditional cleaning methods do not deliver the best results. Manual cleaning is labor-intensive, costly and the tank must be taken off-line and drained. Chain-and...


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Recent Work

Scantron Robotic Inc has performed thousands of tank cleaning and inspections operations throughout North America and the world.

Robotic Water Tank Cleaning
Concrete clear-well holding 3,513,488,3m, Medicine Hat, Canada
Complete water system cleaning, Tisdale, Canada

Customer Reviews

Our reputation speaks for itself, with satisfied customers from all over the world. Contact us today to find out why Scantron Robotics is the premier robotic tank cleaning and inspection company.

Saltcoats Saskatchewan
Saltcoats, Saskatchewan, Canada

Clearwell Tank Cleaning

Technicians were informative and knowledgeable. Video of every minute of the procedure provided for the town's information. During the cleaning out turbidity actually went down. We continued to make potable water during the complete process. 

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Clearwell Cleaning Project

Scantron Robotics' technicians were able to complete the cleaning of our clearwells without personal entry into the vessel.The safety aspect provided by eliminating entry allowed our operators to continue producing safe drinking water for the citizens of Medicine Hat.
Tisdale Saskatchewan Logo
Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Canada

Drinking Water Tank Cleaning

I am very pleased with the work and process involved. I am also hoping to get the town on a schedule whereas Scantron Robotics will perform an inspection every 3 to 5 years and schedule cleaning as necessary to reduce costs.   

Trusted Partners

Scantron Robotics has developed many partnerships with the most technologically advanced companies in the robotic cleaning and inspection industry. Our partnerships allow us to deliver exceptional experiences to our clients through our service offerings and consulting services.