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Remotely Operated Vehicle ROV Surveyor

The ROV SURVEYOR gets in the water faster than divers and accesses areas that are too deep, confined, or hazardous for humans.

Send the ROV SURVEYOR into pre-dive, keep an eye on divers,
or video record any underwater operation.

  • The ROV SURVEYOR is small and lightweight and can be transported and operated by one person.
  • The ROV SURVEYOR's compact power supply provides safe, low voltage current.
  • Observing the "Eye View" is easily accessed through a video monitor or television set.
  • Zoom capability horizontal thrusters move laterally.
  • Sonar imaging capabilities and tools available.

  • Equipped with single, internally mounted, high-quality NTSC format color video camera (PAL video format available).
  • Camera is mounted and remotely operated. Uses a motorized tilting chassis that allows a +/-60 degree vertical range of motion.
  • Camera equipped with a remotely operated focus motor and electronic iris.

Seamour ROV Surveyor System Specifications (PDF)

Download this PDF for more information on SCANTRON ROBOTICS preferred robotic surveryor system.

SCANTRON ROBOTICS - Inspection.pdf

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