Industrial Applications

Petro Chemical

Cooling Towers, Retention Basins, Fire Water Tanks, De-Mineralized Water Tanks, Raw Water, and any other rubber/vinyl lined tanks, Coker Tanks, Cut Wash Tanks, Treatment Basins Sour Water and Stabilization Tanks, Oil Water Separators

Manufacturing Plants

Paper Pulp Mills, Fiberglass Plants, Steel Fabrication, Fish Farm Race Ways, Terracotta Pipe Mfg. Plants,  Food Processing Plants types: Cooling Towers (tanks) Process Water Tanks, Sedimentation Tanks, Clarifier Tanks.

Nuclear Power Generation Plants

De-Mineralized Water Tanks, Fire Protection Tanks, Raw Water Tanks, Stand by Basins, RHRSW Vaults, ECCS Tanks, Cooling Towers, Condensate Tanks, Spray Cooling/Evaporation Tanks.

Potable Water

Clear-wells, Elevated Tanks, In-ground Concrete Reservoirs, Lined Reservoirs, Flocculation Tanks, Clarifier Tanks, Sedimentation Basins, Flume Tanks.

Nuclear Services

The VR CLEANER provides a safer and more dependable way to economically clean nuclear storage tanks and hazardous reservoirs.

Nuclear Power Generation

SCANTRON ROBOTICS offers new choices for the nuclear power generation industry. Our nuclear services provide a safer and more effective method to inspect and clean raw water areas, tanks and pipes.

Nuclear Applications

  • Demineralized Water Tanks
  • Raw Water Tanks
  • Fire Prevention
  • Stand By Basins
  • RHRSW Vaults
  • ECCS Tanks
  • Cooling Tower Basins
  • Condensate Tanks
  • Raw Water Intake Piping
  • Spray Cooling/ Evaporation Ponds

Chemical Services

Image21_Pages_industrial3.jpg ROV Chemical Services

  • Petro-Chemical facilities will not have to take important cooling towers out of service to clean.
  • SCANTRON ROBOTICS can inspect and clean towers while they remain in service.

ROV Chemical Applications

  • Cooling Towers
  • Retention Basins
  • Tanks
  • Firewater
    • DeMineralized
    • Raw water
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